Lesson Plan: The Columbian Exchange

DSCN2859Lesson Overview: The Columbian Exchange

A Lesson For Elementary – Middle School Students

Essential Question:  Was the Columbian Exchange more beneficial for the Europeans or the Native Americans?

Objectives:  After completing this lesson, the learner will be able to:
  • Identify the origin of plants and animals in the Columbian Exchange.
  • Complete a dinner menu which reflects New or Old World foods before and after the Columbian Exchange;
  • Write a paragraph about the impact of the Columbian Exchange on both the New World and the Old;
 This lesson is intended for students in upper elementary  through middle school.  The Powerpoint presentation is geared more for lower grades, but could easily be used with additional resource materials cited at the end of the lesson for seventh or eighth grade students.

Recommended as a lesson to work on before or after your visit to Coronado Historic Site, this lesson will stand alone without the field trip if it is impossible for you to visit us.

Columbian Exchange Lesson Plan

Teacher Resources to accompany this lesson plan:

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