September 3 – Nogales Cliff House

September 3, 2016

Home to the Gallina (guy-ee-nah) from about 1050 to 1275ce.  Who were these people?  Where did they come from and where did they go?  As a tie in to our Friends March lecture by Jacque Kocer, who has studied the Gallina as a doctoral candidate in archaeology at UNM, we will travel north of Cuba into the National Forest to see what remains of over 30 cliff rooms for living and storage.  Located between the Pueblos of the Rio Grande and the Chaco culture in the west the Gallina are one of the least known Native American groups. This is an all day trip leaving at 8:30 a.m. and returning late afternoon.  The trip requires walking about ¾ mile through woods followed by a rather steep climb to the cliff house at 8,225 feet. The trails are not maintained. However…the destination is worth the journey.  This trip is highly subject to weather conditions.

Members Only

TRIP OPEN TO MEMBERS ONLY To sign up for this trip email Ron Overley, and reference this trip name, date.  

One thought on “September 3 – Nogales Cliff House

  1. I am interested in doing volunteer work. Please contact me with the kinds of help you need. My wife and I are members of The Friends of Coronado.

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