Sept 17 – Movie – Barbed Wire Pioneers

Presented by Charron McFadden, Friends of Coronado Historic Site Publicity Chairman.  

Two thousand seventeen marks the 10-year anniversary of the film created by graduate students at Northern Illinois University under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Chown.  The film won a 2nd place award, biography division, at the 1998 Silver State Documentary Film Festival.  It tells the story of barbed wired from its invention in the late 19th century to its continuing and lasting legacy.

“Barbed Wire Pioneers” is the tale of three entrepreneurs: Isaac Ellwood, Joseph Glidden and Jacob Haish.  It’s a story of success, competition, litigation, and community spirit that set in motion events still felt today as, what some called “The Devil’s Rope,” reshaped and partitioned the western landscape, while securing an educational venue in DeKalb, Illinois, on the edge of the tall grass prairie.

2pm at the DeLavy House


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