Poetry at Kuaua Pueblo

Writing and Analyzing Poetry at Coronado Historic Site



Your students will write an historic poem about the ancient pueblo village of Kuaua by completing a prewriting exercise, watching a video, completing the tour of the site if you are able to come to visit us, reading a primary source article by a former caretaker of Coronado, a poem written about the site, and finally, writing a poem of their own.  The focus will be on the perspective of the writer and the difference point of view can make.

Recommended as a lesson to work on before, during, and after your visit to Coronado Historic Site, this lesson will stand alone without the field trip if it is impossible for you to visit us.  We would love to see your students’ poetry!  Please send it  on this website.

Lesson Plan:   Poetry Analysis It Used To Be A Village Lesson Plan

Teacher Resources:

 Poetic Analysis It Used To Be A Village Teacher Resources

It Used To Be a Village” Poem by Carlos Contreras

Contreras on Creating It Used To Be A Village

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