November 20 – The Day the Calendar Hiccuped

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Lecture

The Day the Calendar Hiccuped

By Dirk Van Hart

Autumn time


November 20th, 2015

Dirk Van Hart a perennial favorite of the Friends of Coronado will discuss the establishment of the present day calendar. In 45 B.C. the Roman leader Julius established his Julian calendar but it contained a tiny goof. Sixteen centuries later, the little goof had become a big one. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII established the Georgian calendar which jettisoned 10 days and thus became the standard for the Catholic world to include New Spain. Not to be bossed around the Protestant world self righteously resisted. The British colonies stubbornly hung onto the obsolete calendar until 1752.

General Admission: Adults are $5 and Members are Free.

For More Information Call: George at 505-771-9493

Come Early! Seating is limited!

The program is to be held at the DeLavy House (Sandoval County Historical Society) located on Edmund Rd 7 Hwy 550, Bernalillo. Turn between I-Hop & Warrior Fuel Station – follow the gravel road.

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