May 26 – Lecture – Pope and Naranjo: Leadership in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680

Presented by Stefanie Beninato, New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies.  Was Pope the leader of the Pueblo Revolt? Were there other leaders?  Let’s examine the documents within a cooperative model of Pueblo leadership so we can appreciate this event and its enormous consequences on the cultural landscape of New Mexico.

Join us for this informative talk

Where:   Sandoval County Historical Society Museum (DeLavy House).

DeLavy House (Sandoval County Historical Society Museum) located on Edmund Rd & Hwy 550, Bernalillo.  Turn between I-Hop & Warrior Fuel Station – follow the gravel road.

Cost:  $5 for Adults; 16 and under, Free; members of the Friends of Coronado are FREE

Reservations: None. Come Early! Seating is Limited!

Public Contact:  George Swenson, Program Chairman.  505-771-9493, or visit

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