5-20-2018 – Lecture – Santa Fe Found

Shortly after Pueblo warriors and their allies expelled the Spanish from Santa Fe in August of 1680, an adobe pueblo was built by villagers from Galisteo, Tesuque, and Cochiti Pueblos. Described by Don Diego de Vargas in 1692 as a walled fortress and demolished by Governor Cubero in 1697, the “lost” Pueblo is poorly known and the subject of periodic speculation by historians and archaeologists. Inspired by the 2017 Fiesta Symposium, Mister Stephen Post developed an updated speculative model for the location, size, and layout of the Pueblo Revolt Pueblo using historical and archaeological information. His talk will present this “new” model within the context of current archaeological research themes and context of the Pueblo Revolt and its consequences.

Stephen Post is a former Deputy Director of the Office of Archaeological Studies in Santa Fe. His 40 years of archaeological experience have spanned much of New Mexico’s cultural past from Paleoindian to twentieth-century urbanization of Santa Fe. Currently, he advises land conservation groups and is the Society Archaeologist for the Santa Fe Archaeological Society. Stephen’s current research includes the Pueblo Revolt Pueblo in Santa Fe and 19th-century settlement along the Upper Pecos River.

2pm at the DeLavy House

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