March 19 – Lecture – Archaeology of the Gila Forks

“ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE GILA FORKS” presented by Chris Turnbow.  Mr. Turnbow will discuss the Mimbres cultural change in the immediate Forks area, while showing many pictures of Mimbres ceramics to pique your imagination.  The Mimbres people were a subset and region of the larger Mogollon (moge-E-yon) culture evident in the area and known for their classic black and white pottery.

Chris Turnbow is a Senior Environmental Scientist and Archaeologist with the New Mexico Gas Company.   Chris is an experienced archaeologist who has been on many digs, and is an active member of the Archaeology Society of New Mexico.

NOTE:  This lecture is in anticipation of the Friends’ scheduled overnight field trip to Silver City and the Gila Cliffs on April 8-9, 2017.  Visit our website for more information:  If you are not a member of the Friends, but have signed up for this trip, your confirmation voucher will admit you to the lecture for FREE.

Where: Sandoval County Historical Society Museum (DeLavy House), Hwy 550 & Edmond Rd, Bernalillo, turn between I-Hop and Warrior Fuel.   1.75 miles west of I-25, exit 242.

Cost: Adult Admission: $5 (Friends of CHS are free)  

Reservations: None

Public Contact:  771-9493 or visit

Join us for this informative talk

Where:   DeLavy House (Sandoval County Historical Society Museum) located on Edmund Rd & Hwy 550, Bernalillo.  Turn between I-Hop & Warrior Fuel Station – follow the gravel road.

Cost:  $5 for Adults; 16 and under, Free; members of the Friends of Coronado are FREE

Reservations: None. Come Early! Seating is Limited!

Public Contact:  George Swenson, Program Chairman.  505-771-9493 or visit

Questions – email the Friends at

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