February 19 – Lecture – Large Scale Models of Puebloan Prehistory

Dr. Eric Blinman, NM Office of Archaeological Studies, will discuss puebloan prehistory.

Despite more than a century of research, Southwestern archaeologists still lack consensus about major issues of Puebloan culture history. Dr. Blinman explores the questions: Are the Tewa peoples direct descendants of ancestral Mesa Verde region populations or have they been long term resi­dents of the Northern Rio Grande? Are both northern (Mesa Verde) and southern San Juan basin populations a single proto-Keresan cultural and linguistic group?

The lecture will be held at the Sandoval County Historical Society Museum (DeLavy House), Hwy 550 & Edmond Rd, Bernalillo, turn between I-Hop and Warrior Fuel.   1.75 miles west of I-25, exit 242.

Cost: Adult Admission: $5     (Friends of CHS are free)

Reservations: None

Questions – email the Friends at friendofchs@comcast.net

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