April 17 – Blackwater Draw: Mammoths, Bison, and People

Blackwater Draw: Mammoths, Bison, and People

By   Ethan Ortega 


April 17, 2016 – 2PM

Ethan Ortega is a historic site ranger who has a BS in anthropology and applied archaeology  from ENMU. Ethan will present an overview of the long history of excavations and research at the world famous Clovis Site in Portales, New Mexico.  This site is well known for its detailed stratigraphy and excellent preservation of many Paleo Indian mega fauna kills, including mammoth  and bison.


General Admission: Adults are $5 and Members are Free.

For More Information Call: George at 505-771-9493

Come Early! Seating is limited!

The program is to be held at the DeLavy House (Sandoval County Historical Society) located on Edmund Rd 7 Hwy 550, Bernalillo. Turn between I-Hop & Warrior Fuel Station – follow the gravel road.


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