Apply for a Free Outreach Visit!

Coronado Historic Site Visits to Your School  (Click the link to download a pdf to help you plan for your outreach visit! )  
Outreach Table

This is a sample selection of some of the artifacts and replicas that we might bring to your school.

Coronado Historic Site has a variety of free, engaging outreach programs that your organization can invite into your school or educational facility at no charge.

We invite you to choose the program that is most interesting or appropriate for your group.  Then complete the application below.

You will hear back from us, usually within a day or two, to find out whether the time and date was available.  If we aren’t available on that date, we will find one that works!

My Contact Information:   Sharon Walker –

What we ask of you:

  1. Please reserve your library or a very large, unused classroom so we can set up and leave our artifacts set up for the whole day.
  2. Two-three large rectangular tables for hands-on displays
  3.  Projector:  I use a powerpoint with my presentation, so I need a projector and a screen, wall, Promethean or Smartboard.  No internet is needed.
  4.  Speakers:  In some presentations, speakers are needed.
  5. Sound system:  If groups will be large, a mic / amp is helpful.
  6. Set up for us before we arrive:  I appreciate if you can have this set up for us before we arrive, as we will be bringing lots of hands-on artifacts and replicas for students to view and touch –  it will take at least 30 minutes prior to the start of school to set up.

Classroom Setup – Middle School Classrooms:  Click here to see a suggested set up for a large group presentation  (two classes or more)

Recommended for Fourth Grade:       Availability for fourth grade presentations – Wednesday-Friday

  • Life in Ancient Pueblos

Recommended for Fifth Grade:         Availability for fifth grade presentations – Tuesdays

  • The Columbian Exchange – Compare and Contrast Lesson
  • First Contact in the Rio Grande Valley

Recommended for Seventh Grade:      Availability for seventh grade presentations – Tuesdays

  • Life in Ancient Pueblos  (Available on Wed-Friday as well)
  • Three Worlds Collide: The Coronado Expedition

Schedules:  We ask just that you and your colleagues make a schedule to rotate students through our 45 minute presentation as near to back-to-back as possible, in order to make best use of our time.  We are very used to dealing with two-three classes at a time.  Email us if you have any questions! : )  

Complete the form below to schedule our outreach visit:

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