The Maisel’s Murals 1939

image003Nov. 3 Field Trip to “The Maisel’s Murals 1939”

Join us on a field trip to Skip Maisel’s Indian Jewelry and Crafts store510 Central Ave SE (Albuquerque)  on Saturday, Nov 3. Paul Secord, the author of the book “The Maisel’s Murals 1939” will be our tour director. There are 17 murals from 11 different artists. To quote Paul, “…The murals are an unparalleled grouping by many of the most talented southwestern Native American artists of their day”. To name some: Awa Tsireh, Popovi Da, Pablita Velarde. The tour will take about an hour. It is located in the foyer of the store (it is covered but outdoors, no seating).

Limited: 20 participants. To Sign up, please email Pat Harris at

Details ( time, directions, parking) will be sent via an email Information Sheet.