Here are some of the activities the Friends of Coronado Historic Site offered to members.


4-15-2018 – Lecture – Dig Kuaua

Interpreting The Artifacts – 2017 Kuaua Archeology “False Truths, Restored Ruins, and New Artifacts: Looking Beyond the Oxymoronic Past of Coronado Historic Site Through Field Work” Presented by Ethan Ortega Mr. Ortega is a full-time staff member at Coronado Historic Site and was recently promoted to Educational Coordinator and Supervisory Archaeologist for the Northern Region … Continue reading

April 16 – Lecture – New Mexico Before Columbus

NM Before Columbus, presented by Chautauqua Speaker, Alan Osborne, is a long and fascinating human story which is often overlooked in our history books in favor of the colonial explorations and stories.  With more than a half century of state-sponsored archaeological investigations and more than a century of anthropological interaction with NM and the Southwest, … Continue reading

April 17 – Blackwater Draw: Mammoths, Bison, and People

Blackwater Draw: Mammoths, Bison, and People By   Ethan Ortega  April 17, 2016 – 2PM Ethan Ortega is a historic site ranger who has a BS in anthropology and applied archaeology  from ENMU. Ethan will present an overview of the long history of excavations and research at the world famous Clovis Site in Portales, New Mexico. … Continue reading

April 19 – Lecture on Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb

  Friends of Coronado Historic Site Present “Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb” By Noel Pugach Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 2PM Noel Pugach, Professor Emeritus of history at University if New Mexico, portrays Truman during the difficult time when ethical, tactical and moral decisions had to be made concerning the use of the atomic bomb. … Continue reading

February 15 – Lecture on African Americans in the Early Southwest

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Present “African Americans in the Early Southwest” By Ed Wallace Sunday, February 15, 2015 @ 2PM Noted lecturer and respected Chautauqua presenter, Ed Wallace, will discuss the role of African Americans in the early Southwest, and more specifically, here in New Mexico. He will include stories about well-known cowboys and … Continue reading

February 19 – Lecture – Large Scale Models of Puebloan Prehistory

Dr. Eric Blinman, NM Office of Archaeological Studies, will discuss puebloan prehistory. Despite more than a century of research, Southwestern archaeologists still lack consensus about major issues of Puebloan culture history. Continue reading

February 21 – Native American Easel Art

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Lecture Native American Easel Art By Dr. Bruce Bernstein   February 21st, 2015   General Admission: Adults are $5 and Members are Free. For More Information Call: George at 505-771-9493 Come Early! Seating is limited! The program is to be held at the DeLavy House (Sandoval County Historical Society) located on Edmund … Continue reading

January 17 – Reconstructing Kuaua

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Lecture Reconstructing Kuaua: Literally, Figuratively, and Digitally By Ethan Ortega January 17th, 2016   2PM Modern anthropology has benefited greatly from recent advances in technology, and as a result has provided new ways of interpreting data recovered by archaeologists decades ago. A prime example is Kuaua Pueblo (A.D. 1300-1600) which was heavily and … Continue reading

January 21, 2018 – Lecture – Taos Pueblo Pottery

Presented by Pam Lujan Hauer, a member of Taos Pueblo.  She studied pottery making at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and was also taught by her great-aunts Josephine Ortiz and Anita Lujan, who are highly regarded as traditional Indian pueblo potters. 2pm at the DeLavy House Continue reading

June 21- Lecture on Prehistoric Weaponry of the Southwest

    Friends of Coronado Historic Site Present “Prehistoric Weaponry of the Southwest” By Ron Fields Sunday, June 21, 2015 @ 2PM Ron Fields presents a comprehensive program on the making and use of the earliest weapons of the indigenous people of the southwest. General Admission: Adults are $5 and Members are Free. For More Information … Continue reading

June 4 – Lecture – Southwest Cooking and Spices

Sunday, June 4 at 2 pm      “Southwest Cooking and Spices” Jane Butel, the leading international authority on the cuisine of the American Southwest and Regional Mexican cooking. Known for her clear, easy to understand recipes and culinary instruction- she has been recognized as the “Best in the US” by and one of the four … Continue reading

March 15 – Lecture on New Mexico under Mexican Rule

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Present “New Mexico in the Time of Mexican Rule“ By Don Bullis Sunday, March 15, 2015 @ 2PM Noted author and historian Don Bullis will speak about New Mexico in the era of Mexican rule 1821-1846.  Don is First Vice-president of the Historical Society of New Mexico, the winner of numerous literary … Continue reading

March 19 – Lecture – Archaeology of the Gila Forks

“ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE GILA FORKS” presented by Chris Turnbow.  Mr. Turnbow will discuss the Mimbres cultural change in the immediate Forks area, while showing many pictures of Mimbres ceramics to pique your imagination.  The Mimbres people were a subset and region of the larger Mogollon (moge-E-yon) culture evident in the area and known for their … Continue reading

March 20 – Gallina Archaeology

March 20th, 2016 Jacque Kocer, an archaeology doctoral candidate at UNM, has studied the Gallina culture which existed from AD 1050 to 1300 at a site north and east of Chaco Canyon.  The Gallina are one of the least known Native American groups in the Southwest. General Admission: Adults are $5 and Members are Free. … Continue reading

May 15 – Esteban the Black: Journey into the Unknown

Esteban The Black: Journey into the Unknown By Ed Wallace     May 15, 2016 Join us for this entertaining and educational Chattaqua presentation.  Estavan, a Moor and Spanish slave, is given credit for being the first European to set foot in what is now the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. How he accomplished that … Continue reading

May 17 – Lecture on Glorieta Pass

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Present “Battle of Glorieta Pass/Confederate Mass Grave 1862“ By Mathew Barbour Sunday, May 17, 2015 @ 2PM Mathew Barbour, Manager of the Jemez Historic Site, presents the story of the “Gettysburg of the West”. In 1987, a Confederate mass grave was discovered.  Matt presents the archaeological and forensic findings associated with the … Continue reading

May 26 – Lecture – Pope and Naranjo: Leadership in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680

Presented by Stefanie Beninato, New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies.  Was Pope the leader of the Pueblo Revolt? Were there other leaders?  Let’s examine the documents within a cooperative model of Pueblo leadership so we can appreciate this event and its enormous consequences on the cultural landscape of New Mexico. Join us for this informative … Continue reading


Presented by Don Bullis  During New Mexico’s territorial period, 1850 to 1912, several criminal gangs roamed the sparsely-settled reaches of the mountains and deserts. New Mexico author and historian Don Bullis will talk about the most notorious of them. Some were rustlers, some train robbers, and yet others were simply thieves and ne’er-do-wells. At least … Continue reading

November 20 – The Day the Calendar Hiccuped

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Lecture The Day the Calendar Hiccuped By Dirk Van Hart   November 20th, 2015 Dirk Van Hart a perennial favorite of the Friends of Coronado will discuss the establishment of the present day calendar. In 45 B.C. the Roman leader Julius established his Julian calendar but it contained a tiny … Continue reading

September 20 – The Real Housewives of the Santa Fe Trail

Friends of Coronado State Monument September Talk Real Housewives of the Santa Fe Trail When: Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 2pm Who:  Alice Anne Thompson, PhD, noted speaker and author Synopsys: Dr. Thompson, who recently authored The Women of the Santa Fe Trail calling them, “The most tenacious and resilient women,” will dispel the myth … Continue reading



The Friends of Coronado Historic Site present our annual Fiesta of Cultures celebrating local pueblo, Hispanic, and Anglo artistic & cultural traditions.  Come enjoy the blending of cultures with entertainments, demonstrations and fine arts and crafts.   Continue reading

2018 New Mexico Art Auction

      This New Mexico Art Auction was hosted by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site to raise funds for the Historic Site.  The Friends of Coronado conduct fund-raising events throughout the year to support historic preservation, education and activities for members.  Visit the Auction Consignments tab to see some of the 241 items that were … Continue reading

December 6 – Lights of Kuaua

Lights of Kuaua – A Winter Celebration December 6th, 2015 5PM to 8PM Come visit Coronado Historic Site for one of the most picturesque events of the year! The trails and buildings of the site will be lit with over 2,000 traditional luminarias, along with thousands of additional holiday lights. Visitors are invited to stroll the … Continue reading

October 17 – Fiesta of Cultures

 Fiesta of Cultures October 17, 2015 10AM – 4PM The Friends of Coronado present our fun-filled annual celebration, Fiesta of Cultures,  on Saturday, October 17, from 10:00 – 4:00.  Come celebrate and enjoy the blending of of our local Pueblo, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures with music, dancing, ancient life-way demonstrations, and fine arts and crafts vendors … Continue reading

Raffle Prizes – 2018 Fiesta of Cultures

        Continue reading


April 8-9, 2017 – Trip – Silver City & The Gila Cliff Dwellings 

  For thousands of years, nomadic people have used the cliffs for shelter. In the late1200s, for a time, they were home to the Mogollon people.  Our guide at the cliff dwellings will be Rita Garcia, the chief interpreter for Gila.  On Saturday, we will visit the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum which contains an extensive … Continue reading

April 9 – Trip to Pecos National Historic Park

  April 9th, 2015 Features a Ranger talk, film and tour of the park.  Pecos Pueblo was one of the largest settlements north of Mexico and was the gateway to the plains.  The Pecos people eventually moved to Jemez, but the history includes architect John Gaw Meem, a rodeo producer named Tex Austin, a stage … Continue reading

Archaeology Trip – NW New Mexico

September 15 and 16     OVERNIGHT ARCHAEOLOGY ADVENTURE… The Friends of Coronado Historic Site is hosting a 2-day trip to the Four Corners area of New Mexico to explore several archaeological sites that are open to the general public and some that require special permission to visit. We will briefly visit Aztec National Monument to see the … Continue reading

August 22 – Trip to Las Vegas, NM

  August 22, 2015 We head north to Las Vegas to visit a special part of Fred Harvey history in New Mexico. The Harvey Girls will guide us throughout the day. Our first stop will be Montezuma Castle. Built by the ATSF railroad as a luxury hotel in 1886, it was designed to capitalize on … Continue reading

August 6 – Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

August 6, 2016 Ever wonder what is in the basement of a major museum?  Let’s talk a look.  We will travel to Museum Hill in Santa Fe for a guided tour in the vaults of MIAC.  The vaults contain over 1,000 artifacts from Kuaua, Navajo Rugs, and rows and rows of pottery from every pueblo … Continue reading

February 28 – Oblique Views Exhibit

February 28, 2015 The first Gallery Hoppers trip of 2016 will be to the “Oblique Views: Archaeology, Photography and Time” at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe.  This is the aerial southwest survey of Charles Lindbergh’s biplane’s photographs with Adriel Heisey’s contemporary images, exposing changes in the landscape, cliffs, ruins, rivers and … Continue reading

July 18 – Maxwell Museum Tour

  July 18, 2015 We will focus on the Kuaua Pueblo collections and the Santiago Ruins collections. Closely associated with the Coronado Expedition, Santiago was the first Rio Grande pueblo site to be excavated by UNM in 1934. In the 1950s the entire site was obliterated by bulldozers quarrying gravel. Now unmarked it rests below … Continue reading

July 22, 2017 – Trip – Los Alamos History Tour

  We will begin in the historic district with a guided walking tour learning about the Pueblo history in the area and the Homestead period.  We will hear about the Los Alamos Ranch School which was purchased in 1942 by the US Army’s Manhattan Engineering District to become the Manhattan Project.  We will also learn … Continue reading

July 9 – The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

July 9, 2016 Chartered by the US Congress, this museum is the best place to learn the story of the Atomic Age. The exhibits span the early research of nuclear development through today’s use of atomic energy.  We will have a full docent led tour lasting about 75 minutes.  You will see one of the … Continue reading

June 11 – The Very Large Array

June 11, 2016 We will have a special tour of one of the world’s premier astronomical radio observatories.  The VLA is the most advanced radio telescope array on earth and is used by more than 3000 researchers from around the world for over 11,000 projects.  Trip time from 9:00 a.m. returning about 4:30 p.m. TRIP … Continue reading

June 18-19 Trip to Ruidoso, NM

  June 18-19, 2015 We are headed to Ruidoso for a special tour of Lincoln Historic Site and Fort Stanton Historic Site.  Led by state rangers we will get a complete tour and history.  We will take a break between tours to have lunch on the grounds of the Lincoln Site.  There will be some … Continue reading

June 24, 2017 – Trip – Chimayo & Spanish Weaving

  We will begin our day with a visit to the Santuario de Chimayo which is a part of the Catholic religious order known as the Sons of the Holy Family.  El Santuario de Chimayo is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world.  During Easter as many as 40,000 people journey to … Continue reading

March 12 – Ojito Wilderness

March 12, 2016 Hike in the Ojito Wilderness on Saturday, March 12. A trail winds through hoodoos, rock striations, colorful soil deposits and New Mexico vistas. On the return, cross over to a mesa with stone steps to reach the top. Hike over dirt and smooth rock to reach more evidence of wind and water … Continue reading

May 13, 2017 – Trip – Ghost Ranch

   Cattle rustlers with stolen goods, dinosaurs, Navajos, the Gallina, Georgia O’Keeffe and John Wayne… all walked the “Ranch of the Witches” that became Ghost Ranch.  We will tour the museum. John Hayden, retired Forest Service archeologist, will give an illustrated talk on the cultural background of the Ghost Ranch area detailing the Gallina Culture.  … Continue reading

May 14 – Puye Cliff Dwellings

May 14, 2016 Home to the ancestors of present day Santa Clara Pueblo the cliff dwellings were occupied from about 900 to 1580ce.  The population then moved to the Rio Grande River Valley about 10 miles away where they reside today.  The dwellings are well preserved and were a popular attraction for tourists starting with … Continue reading

May 9 – Trip to El Morro National Monument

May 9, 2015 There will be a Ranger led tour of the Monument and Atsinna Pueblo (ancestral Zuni Pueblo) built on top of the bluff. For centuries travelers stopped, lived, camped and just passed through this area because it was a source of water.  We will see over 2000 petroglyphs and inscriptions dating from the … Continue reading

September 3 – Nogales Cliff House

September 3, 2016 Home to the Gallina (guy-ee-nah) from about 1050 to 1275ce.  Who were these people?  Where did they come from and where did they go?  As a tie in to our Friends March lecture by Jacque Kocer, who has studied the Gallina as a doctoral candidate in archaeology at UNM, we will travel … Continue reading

September 9, 2017 – Trip – Las Trampas, Picuris & La Chiripada

  We head north to Las Trampas and the San José de Gracia Church.  Built 1760-1776, the church is a model of adobe Spanish Missions in New Mexico.  After our tour we will journey on to Picuris Pueblo for a tour of this Tewa speaking village. We will enjoy lunch on the grounds.  This is … Continue reading

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4-15-2018 – Lecture – Dig Kuaua

Interpreting The Artifacts – 2017 Kuaua Archeology “False Truths, Restored Ruins, and New Artifacts: Looking Beyond the Oxymoronic Past of Coronado Historic Site Through Field Work” Presented by Ethan Ortega Mr. Ortega is a full-time staff member at Coronado Historic Site and was recently promoted to Educational Coordinator and Supervisory Archaeologist for the Northern Region … Continue reading

February 11 – Coloring Workshop

February Cabin Fever Coloring Workshop! Or Just Join Us Even If You Don’t Want To Color! Let’s chase away the doldrums of winter with color!  Cheer up and Warm up with a safe way to relieve stress, encourage relaxation and get your creative juices flowing. Date and Time: Saturday, February 11 from 10:00 to noon … Continue reading