John Cutler – Former Historic Site Ranger

DSCN2177 - CopyJohn’s Special Projects:

  • Adobe Preservation
  • Eagle Scout Project Advisor
  • JROTC Liaison
  • Snake Wrangler


John has retired from the State Historic Sites.

Posts tagged “Ranger John”:

  • John’s Farewell - I made it! 25 year is finally here and what a 25 years it has been- full of wonderful learning opportunities, unexpected turns, and amazing accomplishments! I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my gratitude and thanks. Coronado is an incredible place, and I am humbled to have had the opportunity … Continue reading
  • The Piñon Mystery! - Each day this week,  as we come into the site, we have been met with a huge pile of piñon cone trash and scattered piñon nuts, all over our flagstone sidewalk!  Someone is obviously stealing our pinons.  We have our suspicions as to who the culprit might be. Who do you think it is?   Continue reading
  • 75th Anniversary Photo Gallery - Coronado Historic Site opened on May 29th, 1940 Almost 900 people visited the site to celebrate our 75th anniversary. Below are photos of the day’s festivities. Continue reading
  • Mila Plays In The Mud - Almost all of the structures at Coronado Historic Site are made out of adobe and mud plaster. As a result, every time it rains some of our buildings literally melt away. So historic preservation at Coronado can be very messy, fortunately everyone loves to play in the mud, so we get tons of help from … Continue reading
  • The Last Snake of the Year - Ranger John is at it again! This snake is probably the last one that we will see this year, because the temperature is steadily dropping, and they are getting ready to seek shelter for the winter. Volunteer Carolyn was very interested in this bull snake, and commented on how beautiful it’s pattern was. We found this snake … Continue reading
  • Fiesta of Cultures 2014 Photo Gallery - The Staff of Coronado Historic Site would like to thank the Friends of Coronado Historic Site for planning such a great event this year! We had record attendance with over 1,000 visitors to the site last Saturday. Visitors experienced many diverse food and craft vendors, as well as fantastic hands-on demonstrations. There was also live … Continue reading
  • Kiva at the End of the Rainbow - It is extremely fitting that Ranger John was able to take a photograph of a rainbow coming out of the entrance to the famous painted kiva, the reason being that this specific kiva had a purpose, and that purpose was to ask for rain. This kiva produced many paintings, and almost all of the images … Continue reading
  • Snake Advocate - Ranger John has become an magnate and advocate for snakes here at Coronado Historic Site. He keeps finding them, or should I say they keep finding him. This was a diamond back rattle snake, and John is demonstrating that when they are sleeping you can get extremely close without disturbing them. He says that when … Continue reading
  • Coronado’s Cross Bow - We have recently acquired a replica of the type of crossbow that Coronado brought into the Southwest. This is a great educational tool that we will be using to travel to schools and different organizations to talk about the nature of the Coronado Expedition. Coronado was the only European to bring crossbows into the Southwest … Continue reading
  • The Kuaua Snake Charmer - Ranger John is our own personal Snake Wrangler. John has grown up in the Parks system, and is no stranger to picking up strange creatures. John’s Father would keep snakes (including rattlesnakes) in the family refrigerator in a paper bag to sedate them in order to give demonstrations. When the snake gets cold they are … Continue reading
  • Mud Slinger’s Mele - Last Saturday and Sunday we hosted the Volunteers for the Outdoors at Coronado Historic Site, they gave us a helping hand, and got a little dirty in the process. They helped Rangers John and Ethan with various projects around the site. John put them to work restoring the footprint of the Double Kiva in the northern … Continue reading
  • Plastering The Painted Kiva - Mud plaster, and adobe buildings erode extremely quickly, and as a result, they require a tremendous amount of upkeep. The images above show Ranger John, Intern Zach, Intern Christine, and a volunteer as they coat the Painted Kiva with a smooth coat of mud plaster, to finish covering up the erosion that was caused by … Continue reading
  • Sharing the Wealth - The plants in our gardens have been doing exceedingly well (and so have the weeds). We planted more seeds than necessary because we were not sure how many were going to germinate…but it turns out that we had over a 75% germination rate! As a result, we thinned out our gardens today, so that the … Continue reading