Ethan Ortega – Historic Site Ranger

DSCN2832Ethan’s Special Projects:

  • Kuaua Research Initiative Coordinator
  • Native Garden Project
  • Webmaster
  • Intern Coordinator

Phone: 505-867-5351


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Auction Consignments - March 24, 2018 –  New Mexico Art Auction These are some of the auction consignments. We’re accepting consignments for the auction March 11-22, 10 am to 4 pm at the Coronado Historic Site.  We will post items as we receive them. Attend the auction preview at the Prairie Star Restaurant, March 24, 9 to noon to see all … Continue reading
NEW MEXICO ART AUCTION - March 24, 2018, at the Prairie Star Restaurant.  Preview 9 am to noon, auction sale begins at 1 pm. Call 505-867-5351 or click when you have questions. Continue reading
Photography Workshop - Saturday, May 19, 2018, 11:30 am – 2 pm Join us for a field-photography workshop for all levels of experience with any type of camera. The workshop will emphasize the mechanical and the aesthetics of “photography of the grand landscape” featuring goblins in red rock Oak Canyon at Jemez Historic Site. The workshop will be … Continue reading
Fiesta of Cultures! October 20, 2018 - 10 AM-3:30 PM  — Attend our annual Fiesta, celebrating the diverse and rich cultures of New Mexico. Enjoy delicious food, find a hand-made treasure in the many craft booths and watch a brilliant performance by local dancers. Saturday, October 20, at your Coronado Historic Site in beautiful Bernalillo, New Mexico! Continue reading
Countdown to Dig Kuaua! - Here at Coronado Historic Site, we are counting down the days until our archaeological dig begins! On Monday, May 15, the very first work will begin -- not with gigantic holes but with staking off the sites and preparation work for the next weeks to come. Archaeology will be happening Monday through Friday, and the best times to come see what people are doing will be between 10:00 and 2:00. Continue reading
Boy Scouts at Coronado Historic Site - Boy Scout Troop 9 from Los Ranchos de Albuquerque had a fun camping trip to Coronado Campgrounds, and then spent Saturday, May 6, touring and doing community service projects at Coronado Historic Site. Thank you guys for all your hard work and helping to preserve our state historic sites! Continue reading
In Loving Memory: Diane Marie Schuler - On April 23, 2017, friends and family celebrated the life of our beloved friend Diane Schuler with shared stories and beautiful music. Continue reading
Storytelling at Coronado - Emmett ‘Shkeme’ Garcia, a talented traditional storyteller from Santa Ana Pueblo, will be featured at Coronado Historic Site on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 11:15. Following the oral traditions of his elders, Garcia tells tales of the creation of the seasons, coyote stories, and legends of how things came to be. Continue reading
Soaking up the Sun at Coronado Historic Site! - Come and soak up the sun out here at Coronado Historic Site!  This guy was taking it easy , enjoying the sunshine on a warm spring day and visiting with Ranger Janet today on our trails. Continue reading
Volunteer Day at Coronado Historic Site - An eager crew showed up bright and early to spend Thursday morning at Coronado, working on various landscaping and maintenance projects with our staff. They spread over two tons of gravel in the picnic areas and worked on trails to get our site ready for the coming busy season. Linseed oil on the traditionally-made caretta will keep it looking great for another year! Thank you to all the people who sacrificed their time to come out today. We couldn't do it without you! : ) Continue reading
The First Sister Sprouts at Coronado Historic Site: Mystery Beans! - The first of the three sisters to sprout this year in our native demonstration garden at Coronado Historic Site are beans that no one planted! Last year's seeds have taken advantage of the warm days last week here in Bernalillo, and a little much-needed rain to volunteer a new crop of beautiful, healthy bean plants. Continue reading
New Exhibits at Coronado Historic Site! - Artifacts from the past continue to teach us about the ancient village located here on a sandy bluff overlooking the Rio Grande. Continue reading
Dig Kuaua: New Archaeology at Coronado Historic Site - May 22 – June 30, 2017  (Final  Dates Still Being Determined) Monday – Friday         9:00am – 3:00pm Sponsored by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site Explore the ruins of Kuaua Pueblo with archaeologists from the Office of Archaeological Studies. Watch as they sift through the earth finding artifacts and features more … Continue reading
Interesting Turkeys at Kuaua - Archaeology has taught us that the domesticated turkey was a very important part of pueblo life. Although there is evidence that turkeys were eaten occasionally, it seems that they were more important than just a food source. Continue reading
Indios Amigos Display - One of our newest displays just opened this week, featuring an amazing Aztec jaguar warrior statue. Sponsored by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site, our new exhibit shows us the weapons used by the Indios Amigos who came to support Coronado's entrada. Continue reading
Winter Days at Kuaua - The winter landscape at Kuaua: dark rust willows and tall black-lace cottonwoods line the river, and behind the bosque, snow is scattered on the cloud-shrouded Sandia Mountains. The cold Rio Grande sluggishly flows through the bosque, its eastern shore lined with Canada geese huddled together to find warmth. How different life must have been here for the ancient residents of this pueblo, a life based on fires, fur, and blankets made of feathers. Continue reading
New Armor in the Museum! - The display of hands-on Spanish arms and armor in our museum is an example of some of the types of armor used in sixteenth century New Spain. Some important examples used here in early Spanish New Mexico were missing.  Our goal was to find some examples, especially of armor, which exemplify what was used in … Continue reading
A New Lesson Plan: 1540! - In 1540, the Coronado Expedition moved into the middle Rio Grande Valley, now Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Bernalillo.  They brought with them a sizable group of Mesoamerican warriors.  They encounter the Tiwa-speaking Pueblo people of the Rio Grande Valley, and what follows is the first war that takes place between European and Native American forces in the Southwest. You will find this lesson plan, and others (complete with a powerpoint and all student handouts!)  under the Education tab on this website, at .   Continue reading
Upcoming Lecture: A New Light on Kuaua - Friends of Coronado Historic Site Lecture A New Light on the Village of Kuaua As a new era dawns at Coronado Historic Site, Myths and Myopia Fade from its legacy. By Ethan Ortega January 15th, 2017   2PM Modern anthropology has benefited greatly from recent advances in technology, and as a result has provided new ways of … Continue reading
Canada Geese Overhead - This short video clip was taken by Briana Heredia of Tucson, from the roof of the Painted Kiva. What an amazingly beautiful site we have here on the banks of the Rio Grande! Continue reading