Our First 10 Years – A Photo History

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The Friends celebrated our 10th anniversary during 2013.  From a dedicated group of five, our organization has grown to over 376 members.  And as our membership increases, so does our ability to support Coronado Historic Site.

Over the years, while we have contributed thousands of hours in volunteer time, and tens of thousands of dollars to preserve the Painted Kiva and the Ma-Pe-Wi murals, we have also spread the word about the historic gem that is Kuaua.

Our monthly programs are well attended, so much so that we now sometimes turn away people because of fire code regulations!  The variety and quality of our programs bring in people from all over the state, and they return with friends and family.

Trips to places “off the beaten path” (or sometimes located only on a beaten path) entice others to join the Friends.  Some of the places we’ve visited are only open to us as special guests.

So we should celebrate—pat ourselves on the back for a job well done !  But let’s not forget that there is still much to do.  The ruins at Kuaua need restoration, the museum exhibits need a facelift, and other buildings need continual maintenance.  And while some of these projects are not within our range of influence (i.e. any museum changes need to come through the State Historic Preservation Office), we can focus on things within our reach.

Brian Gilmore, President

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