Our Organization

The current Officers, Board Members and General Member Chairs of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site:


  • President: Brian Gilmore
  • Vice President: Ron Overley
  • Secretary: Kate Hora
  • Treasurer: Interim Thomas Harris

Board Members:

  • Corresponding Secretary and Email Announcements: Patricia Harris
  • Fund Raising: Open
  • Membership, Gift Shop Book Keeper: Marty Kuehn
  • Newsletter Editor: Barbara Williams
  • Gift Shop Manager: Carolyn Gilmore
  • Publicity: Charron McFadden
  • Trip Chair: Ron Overley
  • Programs: George Swenson
  • President Emeritus: James Condor

Board Member Emeritus:

  • Roy Skeens
  • Gary Williams

General Member Chairs

  • Coordinator: Kuaua Trekkers and Gallery Hopper Activities: Pat Harris
  • Webmaster, Geocache Master: Dick Harris

Site Representative: Matt Barbour


How to Contact Us


  • Friends of Coronado Historic Site
  • c/o Coronado Historic Site
  • 485 Kuaua Road
  • Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004

Telephone: 505-867-5351




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