Our Mission

To increase awareness and appreciation of Coronado Historic Site and Jemez Historic Site.

From the President – Brian Gilmore

The Board of Directors would like to welcome all who wish to become members of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site.  These are exciting times for all of us who continue to work to make the Friends a vibrant and effective organization that effectively helps the Coronado Historic Site.  Our organization has grown from an original nucleus of five interested people to over 414 supportive members.  As always we have many outstanding lectures, workshops, and tours scheduled this year. For all this I say THANK YOU to the Board and to our membership — you are making a real difference in supporting our Mission “to increase awareness and appreciation of Coronado Historic Site.

Why You Should Be A Friend

Coronado Historic Site is the location of Kuaua Pueblo, a prehistoric Indian site, approximately 700 years old, near the area where Francisco Vasquez de Coronado wintered during his expedition into New Mexico in 1540.

Kuaua is an earthen pueblo excavated in the 1930’s by WPA workers, under the direction of qualified archaeologists. The present visible remains give barely a hint of the extent of this major pueblo, which contained over 1200 rooms and several kivas.

Weather and time are taking their toll on this historic ruin, Constant work is needed to preserve it. Unique fresco murals, found in one of the kivas, are now on display in the museum.

The goal of the Friends of Coronado Historic SIte is to help maintain this uniquely beautiful and historic place and to increase awareness of the site in the general public, in educational institutions, throughout New Mexico and the United States.

We need your help as a Friend to accomplish these goals.

Please join today

As a Member, You’ll Enjoy These Benefits

You will receive free admission to Coronado Historic Site during regular open-hours and to many activities such as demonstrations and lectures. A small fee may be charged to attend special field trips.

As a Friend, you may also participate in our docent and volunteer programs. You can receive hands-on experience in such activities as mud plastering and adobe building.

You will also receive the Friends’ quarterly newsletter, and email notices of programs, trips, and other special events.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the knowledge that your membership donation supports the continued restoration and conservation of the world famous Painted Kiva, it’s murals and the historic site.

Application Forms

To join the Friends, print out the downloadable Membership Application form, by clicking either the  HTML form format (Friends Application – HTML ) or the fillable PDF form format (FCHS 2014 membership form PDF), and mail the membership application to the address at the bottom of the form.  Dues for membership are listed on the membership application form.  Memberships must be renewed annually on the anniversary date.  You may also pick up a membership brochure at the Coronado Historic Site reception desk or at any of the Friends functions.

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    • You do not need a new membership application. Just mail your renewal check to the Historic Site and it will be processed. RO

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