2017 Lecture Series




April 16 – Lecture – New Mexico Before Columbus

NM Before Columbus, presented by Chautauqua Speaker, Alan Osborne, is a long and fascinating human story which is often overlooked in our history books in favor of the colonial explorations and stories.  With more than a half century of state-sponsored archaeological investigations and more than a century of anthropological interaction with NM and the Southwest, … Continue reading

May 26 – Lecture – Pope and Naranjo: Leadership in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680

Presented by Stefanie Beninato, New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies.  Was Pope the leader of the Pueblo Revolt? Were there other leaders?  Let’s examine the documents within a cooperative model of Pueblo leadership so we can appreciate this event and its enormous consequences on the cultural landscape of New Mexico. Join us for this informative … Continue reading

June 4 – Lecture – Southwest Cooking and Spices

Sunday, June 4 at 2 pm      “Southwest Cooking and Spices” Jane Butel, the leading international authority on the cuisine of the American Southwest and Regional Mexican cooking. Known for her clear, easy to understand recipes and culinary instruction- she has been recognized as the “Best in the US” by Gayot.com and one of the four … Continue reading