2018 Lecture Series




3-18-2018 – Lecture – Estevanico the Moor

Presented by Dennis Herrick.   This program about Esteban will dispel the myths and deliberate deceptions that have belittled this sixteenth-century explorer’s accomplishments and attacked his character.  2pm at the DeLavy House Continue reading

4-15-2018 – Lecture – Dig Kuaua

  The Dig Kuaua project was an archaeological partnership between Coronado Historic Site and the Office of Archaeological Studies. It sought to answer several questions regarding Kuaua Pueblo through volunteer test excavations. Archaeologists Richard Montoya and Lynette Etsitty worked with Manager Barbour and Ranger Ortega to put on the dig which was completed on June … Continue reading

5-20-2018 – Lecture Series – Santa Fe Found

Shortly after Pueblo warriors and their allies expelled the Spanish from Santa Fe in August of 1680, an adobe pueblo was built by villagers from Galisteo, Tesuque, and Cochiti pueblos. Described by Don Diego de Vargas as a walled fortress in 1692 and demolished by Governor Cubero in 1697, the “lost” pueblo is poorly known … Continue reading