Lesson Plan: A Change of Attitude? Comparing the Requerimiento and the New Laws of the Indies, 1542

Unit:  Cultures in Conflict 

Essential Question:   Did the New Laws of 1542 indicate a change of attitude by the Spanish king  towards Native Americans?

Objectives:  After completing this lesson, the learner will be able to: [under construction]

Both of these documents were laws signed by the King of Spain, written thirty years apart and for different reasons, as Spain moved into the New World and began settlement and conquest in North and South America.  Investigate the reasons behind each document and how they were similar, or different, by looking at primary source quotes from each document as well as some of the artwork created in that time.

Download the lesson plan at the link below.  Included are Common Core Standards for literacy in History/Social Studies for grades 6-12.  Use the Teacher Resources link to download the primary and secondary source documents as well as student handouts to create a complete print-ready lesson  for your English / Language Arts or New Mexico History classroom!

Recommended as a lesson to work on before or after your visit to Coronado Historic Site, this lesson will stand alone without the field trip if it is impossible for you to visit us.

Lesson Plan – Compare Requerimiento and New Laws of the Indies 1542

Requerimiento and the New Laws Powerpoint Presentation

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