Plan Your Group Tour!

Visiting Coronado Historic Site !

Thank you for choosing a truly memorable educational experience for yourself, and your  students or group at the site of the ancient village of Kuaua.  Here, centuries of quiet Puebloan life dramatically changed forever at the sudden arrival of the Coronado expedition.  You can experience descending into a kiva, trying on Spanish armor, and exploring our newly redesigned museum exhibits, guided by knowledgeable docents and educators!

kauau classroom

Our Goals at Coronado Historic Site     

  • To protect the unique historical and archaeological resources of Coronado Historic Site for future generations to enjoy;
  • To provide a safe and educational settling for you and your students to learn about these unique and amazing resources;
  • To fulfill our mission to preserve and share New Mexico’s proud and diverse cultural heritage with our students of all ages.

Scheduling Your Visit – Plan Ahead!  

As always, planning ahead is the key to ensuring an enjoyable educational experience for all! : )

  • To make a reservation for an educational tour, please contact us at least two-four weeks prior to the desired date of your visit.
  • The tour will be a 60 minute narrated walk through the ancient village trail and down into the Painted Kiva.
  • Groups are allowed to explore the museum and nature trails on their own.
  • The museum, main interpretive trail, and restroom facilities are all handicap accessible.
  • There are picnic tables in front of the  main building and along the river, if you choose to bring lunches to eat on site!

Student or Tour  Groups:

  • For safety reasons, please plan on a teacher/ chaperone ratio of one for each ten students.
  • All school and  student educational groups are FREE, including adult chaperones. 
  • We welcome church groups, home school associations, and mentoring programs as well as classrooms.
  •  There is not a play area for children, so at all times, students must be supervised and not allowed to run around off trails or pick up artifacts.
  • Free, standards based lessons are available on this website at under the Education tab.  Use them for pre- or post- field trip enrichment!

Request a Site Tour:

Call 505-867-5351 or email

Read the information in the Group / Educator’s Tour Brochure. (click to view)

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