Activities Calendar for 2018

April 15 (Sunday), 2:00pm Program: “Dig Kuaua – An Update” presented by Ethan Ortega, Education Coordinator, Coronado Historic Site.

April 22 (Sunday), 10am Earth Day Hike: “Put a spring in Your Step” at Jemez Historic Site.

April 23 (Monday), Group Tour of the Da Vinci Exhibit: Museum of Natural History and Science. (Members only).

April 25 (Wednesday), The School of Advanced Research is planning a day full of activities with Jemez Historic Site Staff.

May 19 (Saturday), Photo Workshop: at Jemez Historic Site in Oak Canyon.

May 20 (Sunday), 2:00pm Program: “Santa Fe Found” by Steven Post, an archaeologist at DCA/the Office of Archaeological Studies in Santa Fe. This program presents archaeological evidence and historical documentation of the City Different.

May 26 (Saturday), Concert 4pm to 8pm: Mala Mana & Native Roots. An encore performance at Coronado Historic Site, Memorial Day weekend  “Reggae by the River”.

May 26 – 28 – 28th (Saturday-Monday), Annual Jemez Red Rocks Arts and Crafts Show-Jemez Red Rocks

June 8 – 9 (Saturday-Sunday), Ft. Sumner/Bosque Redondo Commemoration

June 13 (Wednesday), FCHS Meow Wolf tour

July 14 (Saturday), FCHS Bird Watching Trip in the Pecos- sign-up pending

August 12 (Sunday), Pueblo Independence Day: Jemez Historic Site

October 20 (Saturday), Fiesta of Cultures: Coronado Historic Site

December 8 (Saturday), Light Among the Ruins:  Jemez Historic Site