Friends’ Activities

Activities Calendar for 2018

October 6 (Saturday), New Mexico Archeology Fair:  Jemez Historic Site

October 13 (Saturday), Stargazing:  Jemez Historic Site

October 20 (Saturday), Fiesta of Cultures: Coronado Historic Site

October 24 (Wednesday), Hike-White Rim Trail at Night: Ojito Wilderness

October 27 (Saturday), Hike-Goblin Colony in Paliza Canyon: Near Ponderosa

November 3 (Saturday), The Maisel’s Murals 1939, Field Trip: Albuquerque

November 10 (Saturday), Hike-Peñaso Blanco: Chaco Culture National Historic Park

December 8 (Saturday), Light Among the Ruins:  Jemez Historic Site

Jemez Church with luminarias. light ruins2