Visitor Center


This building was designed by John Gaw-Meem and was commissioned in 1938. Gaw-Meem is a noteable architect that is well known for making the Pueblo Revival style popular, and widespread in New Mexico.

Visitor Center/Museum

The Visitor Center/Museum houses exhibits on Native Americans and the early Europeans in New Mexico. Some of the exhibits have artifacts that were excavated from Kuaua during the 1930 as well as other notable sites. The museum is extremely hands on, and has many interactive displays that allow visitors to experience the local history, including replica Coronado Expedition weapons, Native American tools, and nature displays.

Mural Gallery

This gallery houses 14 panels of paintings that were found in a square Kiva located in the South Plaza of Kuaua Pueblo. The paintings are almost 600 years old, and have been masterfully preserved. The walls that the paintings were found on had over 85 layers, 17 of which were covered in paintings.

Art Gallery

This gallery has rotating Exhibits, as well as a short video about the history of the Tiwa people. The current rotating exhibit is titled “Kritters at Kuaua” and has photographs and information about animals that were present when the village of Kuaua was occupied, and are still in the area today.

Gift Shop

The Sun Father’s Gift Shop is operated by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site as a 501(3)c corporation. The proceeds from this operation are used for education, site improvements, advertisement, and special events.


The Portal faces east towards an undisturbed view of the Rio Grande River and Sandia Mountains. There tables and chair in the shade which make a perfect location for a picnic, or to simply relax and enjoy the scenic views.

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