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Volunteer at Coronado Historic Site

Help Ranger Annie–

Each Tuesday through September Ranger Annie is looking for help removing goat heads and tumbleweeds at Coronado HS. From 9:00 to noon each Tuesday is weed time. If anyone has a free hour or two and would like to assist please come on down and join her. She hopes to get this done over the next 6 weeks as we ready the site for Balloon Fiesta and Fiesta of Cultures.

The site has a fair amount of tools and garbage bags but please bring your own favorite tool or rake if you have them.

Help The Fiesta of Cultures Staff–

 Please contact Marty Kuehn for information and sign up at

Decorators: Members interesting in making Coronado “festive” by decorating for  the Fiesta of Cultures – Bring a hat, gloves, scissors, and inspiration

Who:  Decorating Chairperson (A Decorating allowance will be provided)

When:  Friday, Oct 19 2:00pm

“Tote and Carry Crew”: (need 8 people – 4 people per 1-hour shift)

When:  Saturday, Oct. 20-

8:00 am – Volunteers will help the vendors unload and carry their items to their booths. Bring a hat, gloves, dollies, wagons, etc.

3:30 pm – Volunteers will help at the end of the Fiesta return items to each vendor’s car.  Bring a hat, gloves, dollies, wagons, etc.


What:  Photographically document the event

When:  Friday and Saturday, Oct. 19-20 All day

Greeters: (need 8 people – 2 people per 2-hour shift)

What:  To count and greet visitors

When:  Saturday, Oct. 20- Several shifts need staffing;  8:00-10:00,  10:00- 12:00,  12:00- 2:00,  3:00-4:00

Youth Craft Activities Assistant: (need 2 people – 1 person per 3-hour shift)

What: Assist Craft Leader

When:  Saturday, Oct. 20-  Several shifts need staffing:  10:00-1:00,  1:00- 4:00

Ushers in the plaza: (need 2 people per performance)

What:  Directing visitors to the performance area.

When:  Saturday, Oct. 20-  11:00 Performance,  1:00 Performance,  3:00 Performance

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