Hike / History

Night Hike ———- October 24, 2018 — — — Ojito Wilderness


Kuaua Trekkers: …

Friends of Coronado member, Earlene Shroyer will lead a full moon hike on the White Ridge Trail in the Ojito Wilderness.

• What we’ll do:
We’ll hike along the equestrian trail in the moonlight, following a ranch road through white sandstone formations. Approx. distance 2-4 miles round-trip, spending time to explore the formations along the way.

• What to bring
You can bring a headlamp or flashlight, but only use if really needed. The road is fairly level, the walk is easy. The moonlight should be magical.

• Important to know
Dress appropriately for the time of year, bring a snack and a hot beverage if you’d like. Don’t forget the water. Wear good sturdy shoes. trekking poles for balance.  Weather permitting, we’ll be in the midst of monsoon season, so if cloudy or threatening skies, this hike will be rescheduled.

Max number of people – 15

To sign up email your request– (friendsofchs@comcast.net )

Meet group:  in the lower Rail Runner parking lot in Bernalillo off Hwy. 550. Sign waivers. Depart TBD.  Arrive at the trailhead around TBD (moon rise is TBD).

Hike until around TBD.  Return to cars about TBD.

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