Artifact of the Week / History

New Exhibits at Coronado Historic Site!

Pottery Images in new display

Artifacts from the past continue to teach us about the ancient village located here on a sandy bluff overlooking the Rio Grande.  As our archaeologists and research team worked with the Kuaua artifacts, previously overlooked pieces have been uncovered for study.  The pottery sherds above depict scenes from life in the pueblo world:  snow geese, horned toads, and macaws brought up from Mexico on ancient trade routes.

Among boxes of pottery pieces, some very unique sherds  waited to be discovered.  On one side of these pots, clay coils were left unsmoothed and exposed, while the other side of the pot was polished as usual.  Was this the favorite design of a pueblo woman who lived centuries ago?  Did this specific design have a special meaning or purpose?   The secrets of Kuaua sometimes bring more questions than answers.  Come explore our newest exhibits to see for yourself!

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