Friends of CHS / History

Armor Displayed in the Museum

Experience, Spanish arms and armor in the museum. We have sixteenth-century tools used in New Spain. Important examples from the exploration of New Mexico can be seen and worn. 

Our goal with this display was to find and offer examples, of exemplary armor, that was used in the New World in the sixteenth century. As this is manager Matt Barbour’s area of expertise, he suggested that we add examples of a brigandine vest, lance tips, an adarga shield, a sallet helmet, an arming jacket, and a bevor.  

The addition of more arms and armor to the display of Spanish arms increases the number of hands-on articles in our museum and helps us explain to visitors and students, in a visual and kinesthetic way, some of the kinds of arms and armor used in 1541.

The adarga shield was handmade and is on display. The other items are also displayed and may be seen and worn in the museum. Visit Coronado Historic Site, step back in time and post an awesome new/historic Facebook profile picture,  courtesy of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site.

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