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A New Exhibit: Early Archaeology at Kuaua


 Mentally add a LOT of sand behind these articles   —   and if you were an archaeologist  working here in Bernalillo in 1934,  this is what your work site would look like!

As modern archaeologists uncover artifacts, they are careful to note the location of an artifact’s discovery  by using a grid to identify the exact spot where it was located.  In the 1930’s excavation of this site, some of the archaeologists were careful to keep excellent notes and drawings to identify where each artifact was found.    Sometimes they did so against orders to just “move dirt” to uncover huge beautiful pieces of pottery!  On the left, you can see pottery sherds discovered in the excavation of Kuaua Pueblo.  Thousands of artifacts from Kuaua are housed today in a curation facility in Santa Fe as well as in museums.

We were fortunate that many of the people who worked here drew detailed maps and left field notes that we use now in our research initiatives.  Everything the archaeologists of the past left us adds a piece to the puzzle which will tell us more and more about the ancient people who lived here long ago.

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