Art at Kuaua

The Hopi Warrior Maiden

warrior maiden kachina

This beautiful kachina is a wood carving by Hopi artist Wilson Poola.  Wilson is often found displaying his hand-carved kachinas on the portal of Coronado Historic Site.  The wood comes from cottonwood roots, and we have watched this beautiful carving progress from bare wood to the beautiful piece of art you see today.

The Hopi Warrior Maiden’s Story:
The kachina represents a young girl.  The story about her is that long ago, when the Spaniards arrived to Hopi to start a war, the young girl’s mother was fixing her hair in a traditional squash blossom.  Her mother heard the noise outside and went to see.  When the mother never returned, the young girl went out to look for her, only to see that she was dead.  When the girl saw the Spaniards coming up the mesa, she covered herself up with dead bodies so she won’t get captured and killed.
In Hopi, they have a ceremony when she arrives —   it is to warn people for battle with her troop of kachinas.  The spiral represents a bamboo and how we have traveled from world to world.  The rainbow is the four directions, and all races.  Below the rainbow is the traditional sash that the men wear.  The green is vegetation and there are warrior markings.  The purple is snow clouds.  The bear claw represents power, strength and wisdom.  All feathers represent prayer feathers or prayer offerings to our ancestors above.


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