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New Mexico History Lesson Plans

For those educators who are hard at work making plans for their new school year, let us help you out with your curriculum.  If you are a teacher, you will find powerpoints, lesson plans, teacher resource pages, student handouts, and more.  If you aren’t a teacher of New Mexico or southwestern history and you know one, send them this way. : )  All these materials are free for your classroom use and are provided to you through the Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico!


Our Education Lesson Plan page on this very website  has the following lessons available.  Click here   to find the following lesson plans:

Pueblo Life Through Spanish Eyes:  A lesson plan which uses primary source clips from the Coronado expedition as they describe what they see about the pueblo people of the Rio Grande valley;  

CSI Kuaua:  A lesson plan which includes primary source artifacts and asks students to classify them and decide what a specific room would have been used for within the pueblo;

Who Was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado?:  A lesson plan which asks students to place events in Coronado’s life on a timeline;

The Columbian Exchange:   A lesson plan which compares and contrasts life changes before and after the Europeans arrive on this continent, primarily through viewing the exchange of plants, animals, and ideas between the Old and New World; 

Poetry at Kuaua Pueblo:  A lesson plan that encourages students to write descriptive poetry, analyze an original poem written about Kuaua, and read some articles that were written about this place.  

A Change of Attitude?  This lesson compares the way the pueblo people were treated under the Requierimiento as compared to the New Laws of the Indies of 1542.  Students will be asked to analyze the differences and similarities in the lives of the people.

Turkeys in Ancient Pueblo Life:   A lesson plan which examines the importance and uses of one of the only two domesticated creatures in the Rio Grande valley before the arrival of the Europeans.

A Mission Church in Jemez Pueblo:   A lesson plan  in which students use both primary and secondary sources – including archaeology, architecture, photographs, and census data — to look at life in San Jose de los Jemez Mission.  

Life in Ancient Kuaua:  A lesson plan for elementary students,  based on New Mexico state content standards, which includes an act-it-out classroom activity, creative handouts, and assessments combining notetaking, writing, and art.

Coming soon!

Estevan the Voyager:  A lesson which gives students the opportunity to read the fascinating story of Estevan de Dorantes.  

More to come soon! 😉

2 thoughts on “New Mexico History Lesson Plans

    • Thanks, Margo. There are more lessons in the works, so check back in a month or so! I am working on a classroom activity which will place Coronado on trial, using quotes from the actual depositions. Another unit will center around the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 — it may incorporate several different lessons, one including Casa Quemada, a Spanish hacienda on our site which was burned in the revolt. And there are so many other ideas ..! : ) So stay tuned! : )

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