Wanagi Wolves are Awesome!

Last Sunday, the summer educational programs, sponsored by the Friends of Coronado Historic Site, came to a close with the Wanagi Wolf Rescue bringing in three wolves / wolf-dogs and presenting a fascinating program to our largest crowd yet this summer.

Angel, Bindi, and Milagro all have a story to tell, and their “mama” Stephanie Kaylan shared their tales with an engaged group of a hundred people on Sunday, July 17.  Thanks to Dr. Mike Milone, who sponsored the pictures taken by David with Fotobot Photo Booth Co., many visitors were able to take pictures with the gorgeous white Arctic wolf-dog, Angel.

Many  Wanagi volunteers attended to help with the handling of the wolves, as well as taking names and selling Christmas ornaments filled with wolf hair, which Wanagi carries as a fundraiser.  Big Brothers Big Sisters were also onsite to collect donations for their facility!   It was a busy day for all of us.

Sadly, the Reptile Day is postponed as their facilitator is unable to attend on July 30.   The good news is that our FALL events will begin with the Reptile Day being rescheduled to Saturday, September 17 — plan on coming to see the snakes and other reptiles this fall.  More information about this event will be coming soon! : )


3 thoughts on “Wanagi Wolves are Awesome!

  1. Bless your heart, Sharon.
    I can’t thank you enough for inviting Wanagi Wolf Fund & Rescue to the Coronado.
    We hope to be back again VERY soon.
    The location is stunning…just like you & all the people involved with Coronado Historic Site. Howls of Gratitude!
    Stephanie Kaylan, Pres. & Founder of Wanagi WF&R.

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