National Guard Lends a Helping Hand

On Sunday June 19th, father’s day, B company of the 1/200th infantry of the New Mexico National Guard volunteered to help us clean up the site and do some important maintenance.


Figure 1. National Guard members receiving instruction.

Members cleaned and repaired trails and cleared debris from some of the room blocks.

Figure 2. Clearing debris.

One of the more difficult jobs was clearing the new section of our primitive trail. During the spring we had storms, with very strong winds, which blew down old dead trees across the trail. National Guard members cleared the trees and the trail is now completely open for you to enjoy. A very special thank you to the members of the National Guard who participated. On Father’s day we also had a group of teenagers from Santa Ana Pueblo who rafted down the Rio Grande from Algodones and landed at our site. They had lunch at the site and were able to tour the facility with our docents.

On Tuesday June 21st, Ranger Ethan Ortega gave a lecture to the Albuquerque Archaeological Society on the history of the village of Kuaua. Ethan presented the latest research on the site including the work done by volunteers on the pottery found at the site. Our volunteer’s best estimate is that they sorted 51,000 sherds of pottery. Ethan also showed off the new technology we have to enhance peoples experience at the site. This includes the HP Sprout, mentioned last week, and new iPads loaded with pictures of artifacts, notes, and maps of the excavations that took place during the 1930’s.

On Thursday June 23rd the Bernalillo County sheriff’s department and the Isleta Tribal Police sponsored children from Isleta Camp Triumph on a field trip to the site. Our parking lot was full of police vehicles.

DSC_2773Figure 3. Our parking lot on Isleta Field Trip Day.

The children were taken on a full tour of the site with our docents. They were told about the archaeology of the site and the history we know. They all had an opportunity to enjoy our new interactive exhibits. Tribal elders from Isleta also took the children into the painted kiva for special instruction and explanation. A special thanks to all of the law enforcement personal who helped facilitate this trip and make the ancient village of Kuaua available to all of these children.

Summer is a busy time for us but also a very important time. Archaeology is meant to help those alive today to understand the past and foster respect for the cultures that were here before us. All of the activity at the Coronado Historic Site shows how important this site is to that endeavor both for adults in our community, but more significantly for the children who come here to learn about those who were here before us. Please come and share the experience with us.


The Archaeological Relic

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