Summer at the Ancient Village of Kuaua

Welcome to the Coronado Historic Site blog spot. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Leon Natker, I am interning at the site this summer while I work on my master’s degree in archaeology at Eastern New Mexico University. I am often referred to by my colleagues as the “archaeological relic”. This actually makes sense given that I didn’t start my work in this field until I was, well, an archaeological relic. For the sake of consistency with other blogs I have written, I will continue to use this nom de plume.

This summer, at the Coronado Historic Site, we have several new interactive attractions which we invite you to visit and to experiment with.

Our newest addition is an HP Sprout. This computer has a 3-D sensing camera and can be programmed to detect shapes and images. Simone Seagle, created an exhibit with the Sprout that allows users to assemble the ancient village of Kuaua.

IMG_3129Figure 1. HP Sprout with 3-D Village.

The village is created using 3-D models, computer graphics and sounds. When complete, a picture of women grinding corn by Ma-Pe-Wi, appears on the screen.

Our other touch screen exhibit allows users to explore the 1934 excavation of the Kuaua Pueblo and view artifacts found in specific rooms during that excavation.

In addition, for those who prefer low tech interactives, we have a display of replicas of weaponry and armor, used by Coronado’s men during their journey through the Tiguex province. These replicas are accurate in size and weight, and we encourage you to take them off the wall and experience what it would have been like to be in the southwest, carrying these weapons, while wearing the armor of a Spanish explorer.

IMG_3122Figure 2. Weaponry of the Spanish Explorers.

We all hope you and your family will spend some time with us this summer and explore our new exhibits.


The Archaeological Relic excavating a Han Dynasty pot in China.

2 thoughts on “Summer at the Ancient Village of Kuaua

  1. Welcome, Leon, we are so glad to have you join us this summer! I wish I had a picture of the you teaching the Isleta students how to throw mud. That was an awesome impromptu lesson, and I appreciate your willingness to help us with the education program! Looking forward to a great summer. 🙂

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