Native American Flute Music

Marlon Magdalena Photograph by Jason S. Ordaz 2015

The haunting sound of flute music will once again echo down the Rio Grande on June 25, as Coronado Historic Site and the Friends of Coronado welcome Marlon Magdalena, a Jemez Pueblo flute player, to demonstrate the techniques of making and playing Native American flutes. .

Marlon is a tribal member of Jemez Pueblo, where his life is centered on his family and the community of Jemez.   Marlon makes and sells three kinds of woodwind instruments found in North America:   Rim-blown Flutes, Two-Chambered Block Flutes and small bone flutes and whistles.

Marlon fell in love with the sound, the construction, and ease of play when he bought his first Block flute at the 2007 Memorial Day Powwow at the Red Rocks north of his home. After that,  he knew he had to learn more about this wonderful instrument. Through buying and researching flutes,  he has learned more about his own cultural heritage. Marlon is the Instructional Coordinator at the Jemez Historic site, where he educates the public about Jemez History, as well as other related and unrelated topics.

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