Pueblo Yucca and Arrows!

IsaiahAncient pueblo technologies return to Kuaua this Saturday  as Mary Weahkee demonstrates the uses of yucca in the pueblo world, and Isaiah Coan teaches us the craft of making arrows and arrowheads  from nature.  Demonstrations begin at ten on our portal, and will go until about noon.

Mary Weahkee is of Native American descent,  half Comanche and half Santa Clara Pueblo.  She has been doing Educational Outreach for the Office of Archaeological Studies since 2006.  Her focus area  is on Ancient Lifeways, primarily  Yucca Cordage and Yucca Sandal manufacturing.  Mary also does ancient weapon replication, as well as creation of  prehistoric musical instruments.   She has been doing Archaeology for about eleven years for the Office of Archaeological Studies, and she enjoys teaching.  Mary’s presentations are extremely informative and engaging, as she walks her students through the steps of producing fiber from our native yucca.

Isaiah Coan is an assistant archaeologist and an expert in making Native American arrows.  Flint knapping is a ancient traditional art of forming stone into arrowhead by a way of chipping away the stone.  There are different way of making arrowhead out of different material such a stones, bone, and now metal, glass. Isaiah will talk about the materials and techniques, used traditionally and today, to make arrows and arrowheads.



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