Project Archaeology at Kuaua

Project Archaeology Pit House SimulationMiddle school and elementary school teachers from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho met at Coronado Historic Site on Monday and Tuesday, June 13-14, to learn about a curriculum called Project Archaeology.  Mollie Toll, an educator with the Center of New Mexico Archaeology in Santa Fe, presented the program to a group of highly motivated and well-prepared educators.  The same program will take place in Santa Fe on June 15-16.

Project Archaeology Prof Development June 2016

Based on a theme of investigating shelter in different cultures and communities, Mollie has created a module that is based on a Mogollon pit house excavation which took place in New Mexico.  In groups, teachers examined a simulated pit house site to make inferences about life in that community.  Readings enriched and added to knowledge about this group of people — all of which can be used in classrooms in the fall.   These dedicated educators represent schools in the central and northern Rio Grande valley, and will share their information with over four thousand students in the fall!


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