Friends of CHS

JOIN TODAY ——— The Friends of Coronado Historic Site

From the President – Brian Gilmore

The Board of Directors welcomes all to become members of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site. Our mission is “to increase awareness and appreciation of Coronado Historic Site”.  These are exciting times for all of us who continue to work to make the Friends a vibrant and effective organization.  Our organization has grown from an original nucleus of five interested people to over 400 supportive members.  We will continue to offer outstanding lectures, workshops, hikes, and tours.  For all this I say THANK YOU to the board of directors and to our membership — you are making a real difference in the preservation, protection, and promotion of the Coronado Historic Site.

Friends Enjoy These Benefits

You will receive free admission to the Coronado Historic Site during regular hours and to the many activities offered including hikes, workshops, and lectures. A small fee may be charged for special field trips and events.

As a Friend, you may choose to participate in our docent and volunteer programs. You can also receive hands-on experience in archaeological research, historic preservation, and adobe building.

In addition, you will receive our quarterly newsletter which announces programs, trips, and special events.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the knowledge that your membership and participation in activities support the on-going need for conservation and preservation of the world-famous painted kiva, kiva-murals, and historic structures around the property.

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