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SO MUCH TO DO! – – – – “I’m Going!” – – –

The Friends of Coronado Historic Site host exciting activities throughout each year. We present monthly lectures,  enjoyable field trips and hikes, creative workshops, and special events. Join us and discover New Mexico!

4-15-2018 – Lecture – Dig Kuaua

Interpreting The Artifacts – 2017 Kuaua Archeology “False Truths, Restored Ruins, and New Artifacts: Looking Beyond the Oxymoronic Past of Coronado Historic Site Through Field Work” Presented by Ethan Ortega Mr. Ortega is a full-time staff member at Coronado Historic Site and was recently promoted to Educational Coordinator and Supervisory Archaeologist for the Northern Region … Continue reading

5-20-2018 – Lecture – Santa Fe Found

Shortly after Pueblo warriors and their allies expelled the Spanish from Santa Fe in August of 1680, an adobe pueblo was built by villagers from Galisteo, Tesuque, and Cochiti Pueblos. Described by Don Diego de Vargas in 1692 as a walled fortress and demolished by Governor Cubero in 1697, the “lost” Pueblo is poorly known … Continue reading

A Spring Photography Workshop

PLEASE NOTE THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN ONLY TO FRIENDS OF CORONADO HISTORIC SITE MEMBERS Saturday, May 19, 2018, 10:30 AM to 3:00+PM (an indefinite time to end) This workshop will be for all levels of experience and with any type of camera. The workshop will emphasize composition, lighting/shade, wide angle, exposure, depth of field, supplemental … Continue reading

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