Art at Kuaua

Landscape Painting Workshop!

 Colorist Rhett Lynch will host a landscape painting workshop at Coronado on April 2nd – April 3rd (Sat. and Sun.) at Coronado Historic Site. There’s a fee involved, and you need to register ahead!

Nature offers everything needed to create strong, interesting and compelling, abstract and representational paintings. The workshop begins with a short tour and talk on the history and culture of the historically rich site. Following the site tour, Rhett will then give a brief introduction covering topics such as:  painting with your emotions using color, texture, and contrast; creating a strong composition; the creative act; and much more.

Using nature as their source material, each artist will choose the view they want to paint. The Sandia Mountains, Rio Grande River Valley and mesas to the north provide beautiful inspiration any time of the year. Rhett will guide each artist as they create their own vision. Artists are encouraged to incorporate the symbolism found within the ruins and mural paintings, in their works.

Day two will begin with a short painting demonstration followed by each artist choosing a new view of the landscape. A special challenge will be presented on day two, offering the participants the opportunity to step outside the comfort zone. The day will conclude with a critique and accomplishment ceremony. All levels of experience are welcome. Artists can use any painting media they would like.

More information about the workshop can be found at

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