It is Research Season Again!


The mission of the Kuaua Research Initiative is to make the artifacts from Coronado Historic Site easily accessible to researchers and the public.

This week marks the beginning of the second year of research conducted by staff and volunteers of Coronado Historic Site. The collections recovered from the ancient village of Kuaua are housed at four facilities in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. This project will not only produce an accurate inventory of the artifacts and documents, but it will combine them into one catalog so that any interested researchers or members of the public can visit Coronado Historic Site and be able to see where all associated artifacts are housed.

We would really like to see more undergraduate and graduate research utilizing the collections of Kuaua Pueblo. There is much to be learned about life in the ancient village, and the objects have just been waiting to be brought to life again through research.

This year the project is focusing on the “bulk” collections which are housed at the Center for New Mexico Archaeology in Santa Fe. These bulk collections contain most of the pottery sherds and bone fragments from the excavations in the 1930s . Although, we have run across interesting artifacts within the bags of pottery fragments and bones such as ceramic pipes, historic metal fragments, and adobe impressions.

We will be posting weekly updating the public on our findings at

For information of how you can get involved send a message to Ethan Ortega at 

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