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January 17 – Reconstructing Kuaua Lecture

Friends of Coronado Historic Site Lecture

Reconstructing Kuaua: Literally, Figuratively, and Digitally

By Ethan Ortega

January 17th, 2016

Modern anthropology has benefited greatly from recent advances in technology, and as a result has provided new ways of interpreting data recovered by archaeologists decades ago. A prime example is Kuaua Pueblo (A.D. 1300-1600) which was heavily and hurriedly excavated during the 1930s in preparation for the Coronado Cuarto Centenario celebration. A research team has undertaken the task of digitizing artifact collections and archival documents to clarify the early excavations, devise new ways to interpret the site to the public, and ensure accurate physical reconstructions. Two state-of-the-art exhibits have been created to provide a digital 3-D exploration of the pueblo and utilize artifact provenience data. Not only does this project improve the understanding of Kuaua Pueblo, it also puts the archaeological method to the test and provides reflection and insight to improve our methods of documentation for future generations of researchers.

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General Admission: Adults are $5 and Members are Free.

For More Information Call: George at 505-771-9493

Come Early! Seating is limited!

The program is to be held at the DeLavy House (Sandoval County Historical Society) located on Edmund Rd 7 Hwy 550, Bernalillo. Turn between I-Hop & Warrior Fuel Station – follow the gravel road.

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