Turkeys Come Back to Kuaua Pueblo!

It’s been a long while since turkey roamed around this pueblo.

We can only imagine how the plazas here teemed with life of all kinds, including flocks of turkeys strolling around looking for food, fluttering when chased by pueblo children or even dogs whose job it was to care for them!

Today,  a flock of about a dozen wild turkey spent time foraging in the brush just up from the Rio Grande.  We’ve seen them on the opposite side of the river in the last few weeks, but they have been here at Kuaua for two days in a row.  And we would love to see them stay.

Turkeys have always been an important part of this place!  The archaeological record shows for certain that their meat fed the people here.  Perhaps more important, though, were their feathers.  Woven into yucca cordage, turkey feathers were used to create warm blankets which must have made the difference between life and death for the Pueblo people here in winters  like the one of 1540, when the Rio Grande froze solid.

Ranger Ethan has located archaeological evidence that proves how important at least one turkey was to the people who lived in this village!  More interesting stories to come .. 😉

2 thoughts on “Turkeys Come Back to Kuaua Pueblo!

    • Almost every day, you see something uniquely beautiful that brings the pueblo to life. You will have to come visit — when it’s warmer! 😉

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