The Lights of Kuaua

December 6 – Farolitos or Luminarias?

Lights of Kuaua 2014 Zia Luminarias

Whichever term you use, we will have them.  Folks from northern New Mexico use the term “farolito” for the paper bag lanterns filled with sand and a candle.  Those in the Albuquerque area, and parts south, seem to use the term “luminarias” for the same thing.  We will have over a thousand of those little sand-filled bags of light, and the lighting time starts around 4:30 pm on Sunday, December 6.  There will be music from the NewMexiChords, dancing around the bonfires on the ancient plaza by the Zia Slam Dancers, and crafts for the children in the gallery.  This year, for the first time, we have set up some food and drink vendors in the parking area so you can have some snacks or food as well!

This magical picture was taken by one of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site, Jack Ellis.  Join us in celebration of the holiday season!

2 thoughts on “December 6 – Farolitos or Luminarias?

  1. We are excited to take advantage of this oppertunity. We have a group of amateur photographers planning a vist. I hope everything come together fantastically . I’m counting on the food vendors to have some nice treats available. See you on the 6th. What a little gem of a place I never knew about.

    • Marilyn, we will be excited to see your group! Here’s a photo tip you might already know: just before five pm, the view of the Sandia Mountains from our museum, overlooking the river, is amazing. On the right day, they turn salmon pink, and the shadows are incredible. See you Sunday!

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