Fiesta of Cultures

Fiesta of Cultures!

Harvest Time!

The Fiesta of Cultures this year was, as always, filled with art, music, food, and just great people out  visiting Coronado Historic Site to have a lovely time.  I’ll be honest — we were concerned about rain and wind, but we could not have had better weather!



So many people worked so very hard to put this festival together!   Ranger John Cutler, who just retired from Coronado, came back to help us, bringing in the loyal ROTC unit from La Cueva High School.  They showed up in uniform to present the colors and just help out in every way possible.

 Our Friends of Coronado Historic Site have been working all month to put everything together, and at eight this morning, vendors were already setting up and getting ready for the huge group of visitors that came through our doors between ten and five!

Marlon's Flutes

All day long, those of us who work here were passing tips back and forth about great food to be found (basically, everything available!) and about beautiful art that our friends have created over the last year.  You could find just about everything, from Marlon Magdalena’s handcarved wooden flutes to sterling jewelry, wooden carving, or beautiful Pueblo pottery from many different traditional styles.

Using the Pikes

Heroes of the day?  Our amazing Friends group, who put in many many long hours of planning and decoration,   and our past and present rangers, John Cutler, Annie Campagna and Ethan Ortega, with the ROTC, who pulled all the pieces together to create a lovely event for all of us. Our docents worked overtime to share their knowledge and show everyone who came the beauty of our murals and the amazing new displays in the museum.  Those of us here are Coronado are so very grateful for all the help and for the craftsmen and women, artists, museum educators, reinactors, and most of all the visitors who came to make our day exciting and special.

Now, it’s on to the Lights of Kuaua, a Winter Celebration:  December 6, five pm.  Put it on your calendar!

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