John’s Farewell

DSC04191I made it!

25 year is finally here and what a 25 years it has been- full of wonderful learning opportunities, unexpected turns, and amazing accomplishments! I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my gratitude and thanks. Coronado is an incredible place, and I am humbled to have had the opportunity to serve the public and my fellow coworkers over the years.  I have learned so much about what it is to serve the public, preservation and interpretation. Thank you, to all that have taught me over the years all that I am as a Ranger.

To put things in view, if we as human beings really consider and reflect upon life, our time here on earth is astonishingly short. As we go through the natural epochs of life, our stories unfold and grow lengthier and more complex if we are privileged enough. I am grateful, albeit short, for the experiences and memories here at Coronado Historic Site that I will take with me. I wish you all the best! Continue to love, be loved, and become something more!

 I will go as I came, in the quiet and sincere manner that I came…I embrace the opportunity for our paths to cross again. Until then, enjoy the journey of creating your own personal legends.

 As always, yours in the fight!


 John D. Cutler

One thought on “John’s Farewell

  1. I’m honored to have worked with you even for a few short months, John! Blessings on your future endeavors. You are a part of this place, and we will miss your smile, humor, and your stories. I won’t say goodbye though — I’m betting that Kuaua will draw you back occasionally.. 😊

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