Native Garden

What Did Ancient Kuauans Wear?


Many visitors are surprised to discover that among the Pueblo wardrobe was clothing  made of cotton textiles!  Examine our museum collection to see examples of cotton woven by pueblo weavers  long before Europeans arrived in the Southwest.

In our native garden, the cotton is getting closer and closer to harvest season.  The cotton boll that you see in this picture is not quite ready for harvesting, but it will be soon!  The plump cotton boll will open when the cotton inside is mature.


This  is a variety of cotton known as Hopi Short Staple cotton.  Pueblo people who lived here at Kuaua probably grew similar varieties to weave cotton sashes such as  the white rain sashes worn by most of the individuals in the images in the Painted Kiva.

Besides the evidence of the pictures in the murals, archaeologists have found sash-sized looms in kivas when they have excavated.  Unlike in European countries, weaving was done by the men in the pueblo world.

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