Helping the Community – Thank Goodness for Coffee

Gallons of coffee were most likely consumed this weekend…

…while volunteering for the Albuquerque CreateAthon. Volunteers of technology experts and students have just one day to help a non-profit in Albuquerque with their technology needs. This project was overwhelmingly fun and exciting as my team and I stayed awake for 30 straight hours to participate and help the non-profit Centro Savila with a new logo, new website, new brochures and an amazing android application.

Channel 13 Video Here

bowl editingIn effort to catch up after this event I spent most of my time this week doing research and editing images for the Kuaua pueblo game.

I was in need of researching the benefits and ability to use a database to hold the data that will be used within the game. This includes images of artifacts, positioning data, information and stories to enhance the game as a learning tool.

Unity does not support an outside database very well without using a server with internet capabilities. Although using a local database stored on the computer this game will be run from is possible it can also cause many malfunctions causing the need for a high level IT personnel if something were to go wrong.

I have decided against the external database and will create one inside the Unity game that will of course serve my purposes well but will not be editable from the outside or as large as one needed to house the large portion of data from Coronado.

Instead I will be very selective with the artifacts to be used to keep the application as lightweight as possible. While programming this, I will build it to be scalable and useful to anyone in the future to advance the project and use an external database.

bowl editingmano before after.I have chosen three artifacts and started using Adobe Photoshop to enhance and crop the images to produce an aesthetic viewing inside of the game.

I was also shown AMAZING documents from the archaeologists while excavating Kuaua Pueblo. I have become fascinated with reading about their everyday work at uncovering the mysteries to this pueblo. These documents are helping Ethan and I to determine the locations of certain artifacts and objects within the many walls of the pueblo. I will be using this information to accurately place artifacts throughout the game to give a real sense to what it might have been like to be an archeologist working on the Kuaua Pueblo. I have also learned that apart from dirt and adobe walls found at the site there were many fireplaces throughout the rooms that I would like to add to the game.

The more invested I become with the project the more I love this historic site. Ideas to enhance this site come easily while sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande, watching kayaks float along the current and listening to the bees buzzing around me.

I feel blessed to feel apart of such an amazing place.


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