Event / Stories from the Land

First Time in 500 Years


Suddenly, after 500 years, the plaza of Kuaua was alive and and filled with activity. What an amazing sight to see a dormant village rejuvenated with such an enthusiastic game!

On June 10th Mike Garcia, the Educational Recreation Coordinator for Santa Ana Pueblo’s Department of Education, organized a game of shinny. Mike says that not many pueblos still play the game and he would like to bring it back to the village of Santa Ana. During a program sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs called “Stories from the Land” students were able to play shinny in the South Plaza at Kuaua Pueblo. The Stories program focuses on place based learning, where the students visit various historic sites and learn first hand about the history that happened there. Not only did the students get to play the game, but they had put in hard work by making their own sticks. They got a permit to collect young gamble oak, which had to be thicker than your thumb, and the sticks had to be perfectly straight, then a curve was added.

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