Exhibit / PICT

Exhibit Renovation


Coronado Historic Site’s main exhibit is undergoing a major renovation. With help from the Highlands University PICT Project (Program for Interactive Cultural Technologies), along with several other entities. The Museum will now have eye-catching information panels which have been designed by PICT Students. The artifacts within the cases are being rotated to better represent the types found in the village of Kuaua. Two state-of-the-art exhibits will also be installed, one utilizing 3D printed pieces of Kuaua Pueblo which interacts with an iPad, and another touchscreen exhibit that allows the visitors to explore the archaeological site through a video game-like experience.

Today, Rangers Ethan and Annie carefully removed and labeled all of the artifacts from the current exhibit. These artifacts ranged from 1,400 year old textiles to Colonial Spanish ceramics. Ranger John and Scott sanded and painted various cases to be re-installed in the new exhibit over the next few weeks.

The Coronado Visitor’s Center will be closed from April 7th through May 3rd.

Coronado Historic Site will be OPEN during this time, and the admission fee will be waived. Volunteers from the Friends of Coronado Historic Site will be providing tours.

The new exhibit will open to the public on May 3rd, 2015.

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