Spring Cleaning


Emilio Najera, a Life Scout from Troop 17 chose Coronado Historic Site to complete his Eagle Scout project. Emilio had a few choices for his project, and he selected to improve the Gardens at Kuaua. Emilio planned to double the size of the gardens, as well as make improvements to the border fence, replace the dirt grids with river cobbles, and amend the soil. Emilio managed over 50 volunteers over the course of a Saturday morning. The crew also restored a bench that was made out of the 1938 Painted Kiva vigas, as well as eight other benches that are used in an outdoor classroom.

The gardens will be planted in May, and will demonstrate Three Sisters agriculture (corn, beans, and squash grown together). The gardens will also have many other New Mexico heirloom crops such as gourds, melons, chilies, cotton, and native herbs.

Coronado Historic Site is very thankful for Emilio and his project. They have tremendously improved the gardens and created a better experience for visitors as the enter the site.   

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Very nice project! You can see the excitement in everyone’s faces as they work. It’s nice to see young people involved. We look forward to visiting the gardens. Thank you for this wonderful work!

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